Finding Your First Love

To some people, a mere mention of their “first love” brings up so much anguish and at times, disgust. But if you had unresolved feelings and wanted closure, how far would you be willing to go to get it? Would you hop on a plane, travel thousands of miles across the ocean and visit different cities to find your first love?

During my daily tv channel surfing, I came across a program that asks that very question. The program, Find My First Love airs on the FYI channel and explores the journey of a young woman, Alicia, yearning to find Benjamin, whom she met 8 years earlier, living as an exchange student in Paris. With the help of British tv presenter, Cherry Healey and a private investigator, Alicia embarks on a whirlwind odyssey.

Here’s the story:

  • 8 years ago, American girl Alicia arrives in Paris as an exchange student, meets French boy Benjamin and begins a short, but passionate love affair
  • The relationship ends abruptly, as Benjamin did not want to commit to Alicia. He was a free-spirit and a bona fide Casanova (like most Frenchmen, according to moi)
  • Still, he remained on Alicia’s heart and mind and she had never truly been able to move on
  • She enlists the help of Cherry Healey to help track him down to confess her unending love for him even with the possibility that he could be in a relationship of his own
  • On orders from Cherry, Alicia heads to Montpellier, France, one of Benjamin’s last known locations
  • She arrives at the address, but he no longer lives there. Oh no!
  • She heads to a place of employment. He no longer works there. Oh no!
  • Alicia receives a call from Cherry with news that Benjamin may be in another city.
  • She now heads to Colmar, France by train and arrives at the address. Dead End! He doesn’t live there anymore.
  • Alicia feels defeated
  • Cherry calls again, this time with a better lead. The private investigator has found his current address. Yes!
  • Alicia makes her way to Champagne, France accompanied by an old high school friend of hers at the request of Cherry for moral support, of course
  • They arrive and are greeted by a neighbor of Benjamin’s confirming that he indeed resides at the locale. Oh yes! But he is not there. Oh no! He went to Paris for a week
  • She zips back to Paris and Cherry is awaiting her arrival
  • Cherry decides to make ‘Wanted’ posters of Benjamin and the two head to a radio show to broadcast their search
  • Tweets and phone calls of encouragement ring in. So many people are rooting for “true love”.
  • However, there are no leads
  • On the last day of the quest, the radio station calls Cherry with news that someone claiming to be Benjamin called in after seeing his picture online and he left his number. Oh yes!
  • Cherry telephones him asking him to confirm his name and a few other identifiers, as well as, setting up a meeting between him and Alicia. She relays this to Alicia. She is nervous and excited, but most of all, hopeful. Could this be it?
  • Cherry arranges the meetup at sunset on the Love Lock Bridge. How fitting!
  • After a brief word of encouragement from Cherry, Alicia walks towards the bridge and spots a man leaning over the railing looking out onto the water
  • She inches closer to him. He sees her
  • They intensely embrace and greet each other passionately. They touch foreheads. They embrace again
  • Benjamin holds her face in his hands and says in his sexy French accent: “You did this all for me. This is the most beautiful thing someone has done for me. I don’t want to leave you anymore.”

Wow!!! That is definitely not how I saw this story panning out, but I am happy it did. With questions of Benjamin’s maturity and commitment, I was concerned. But he did assure her that people grow up. So there’s that!

Let’s fast forward two months.

Cherry skypes with Alicia asking her if Benjamin is still in the picture. Alicia moves over a bit to reveal a handsome Benjamin sitting next to her.

So I ask you again.

Finding your first love: Would you?



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