Full Lips, Curvy Bod: Remember Black Women though?

Earlier this week, Kylie Jenner, the youngest sibling of the Kardashian clan made headlines when she revealed one very controversial beauty regimen. Kylie sports full lips these days, but that has not always been the case (as seen in the photo below). I do think we are forgetting an important factor: BLACK WOMEN.


For several months, Kylie’s lips have been the hottest topic for beauty experts, blogs, and fans alike. Did she get lip fillers or not? The answer: No. According to Kylie, she uses suction (yes, suction) to get her lips plump. Naturally, naïve fans learning of this, follow suit and the Internet crowns the unsafe practice the Kylie Jenner Challenge.

Young girls (and guys) use suction cups, shot glasses, and even vacuum hoses to achieve this thick-lip look. Doctors and other medical experts without a doubt do not recommend this, as the constant suction action causes blood vessels in the lips to pop. Sounds fun, right? It can render unappealing redness and swelling, as well as, permanent damage to the lip itself. However, I suppose if you do not have money for lip injections and you want to look like your “idol”, you would do something as stupid as this.

Last year, Kylie’s older and more famous sister, Kim Kardashian almost “broke the Internet” when she was featured on the cover of Paper Magazine semi-nude, with her very big and round derrière exposed. Of course, the photo and the spread buzzed around our ears, like an annoying bee at a family BBQ you can’t get rid of, while trying to eat a hamburger in peace. People were beyond enamored. You now see a movement of women trying to achieve voluptuous and curvy bodies, spending months and thousands on a surgeon’s table.


But, ahhhhhmmmm, let me clear my throat!!! African American women have been sporting this look since, let me see………the beginning of time? To quote Beyoncé, “[we] woke up like this”. Black women have been told for centuries that the big butt, full lips, and curvy bod we were BORN with, is not appealing. In the fashion industry especially, a very lanky, slim, heroin-chic look became the standard to aspire to. Undoubtedly, this has over time affected the self-esteem of so many African American women who resent their natural beauty.

If Kim Kardashian and her baby sis, Kylie Jenner have “re-introduced” this full bod look with mostly positive reception, what does this mean for the Black woman. Can she go back to loving herself? After all, she did wake up like this.



4 thoughts on “Full Lips, Curvy Bod: Remember Black Women though?

  1. I remember back in the early 90’s when JLo was getting noticed for her round butt and Cindy Crawford was like ewwww no I wouldn’t want a butt that big. Flash forward and here we are again…a bit butt on us is ewwww but another ethnic group is just fab. So over this and I’m so happy to see us starting to validate ourselves more instead of looking for validation. Black women do need to stop stanning so hard for these kardashians tho….just stop

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  2. Black women have always been reprimanded for our features and now, it is acceptable for other ethnicities. I think we dropped the ball when we did not globally prepare for this day. as it has been with our music and style, body features were bound to happen. We can still win this and I say rock on with our shapes and bodies!


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