Mayweather favorite to win, but could Pac-Man be the real Thrilla from Manila?

Floyd Mayweather is superb, but let’s not sleep on Pacquiao!
We all know that Floyd has an undefeated record and 5 division world titles, so it comes as no surprise that he is the favorite to take home the crown tomorrow night. But victory for “Pretty Boy” Floyd is no guarantee! I predict Pacquiao giving him a run for his money. And since we are talking Mayweather money, it should be a long run.

Here are some reasons why:
1) Although Floyd is stronger defensively, Pacquiao may go for more aggressive-style fighting, backing Floyd into a corner.
2) If the fight goes to decision and it is a close call, judges may give it to Pac, especially if he ‘looked’ more aggressive than Floyd. Floyd must win at least 8 rounds to be the victor.
3) Pacquiao will set the pace. He has better foot work and will take body shots sure to slow Mayweather down.
4) Floyd has better punching accuracy, but Pac will match that with power.
5) Mayweather has more to lose. He faces immense pressure to remain undefeated. Pac should enter the ring more relaxed, as he is not “expected” to dethrone Floyd.
6) This is not a personality contest, but if it was………..Pacquiao! A Mayweather win will justify his unpleasant behavior. Let’s not be surprised if we see last minute bets in favor of Pacquiao winning – slightly closing the odds gap between the two.
7) It’s anyone’s game!
Who will win the Fight of the Century?

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