Lipgate vs. Deflategate: And the crown for the BEST LIAR goes to…………

Kylie Jenner “tiptoed” around the truth and Tom Brady was “generally aware” of deflated balls. To our credit, I think most of us never believed the lies fed to us by these two storytellers. But why are we not holding them fully accountable for their words and deeds?

1st Nominee & Why: There had been much speculation about Kylie Jenner’s plump lips. She claimed that she achieved the look using makeup – lip liner, to be exact. Then more recently, she alluded to the use of suction. But now she is shown in a new clip to reveal that she has temporary lip fillers. However, Kylie never admits that she lied, but rather, “tiptoed” around the truth.

Her older sister Khloe, who is known to be the “real” and more truthful Kardashian, encourages her to come clean. But of course, in celebrity fashion, after Kylie makes this unsurprising revelation, she wastes no time in blaming the media, claiming that “[they] always pick us (the Kardashians) apart”.

2nd Nominee & Why: The evidence surrounding Deflategate may be circumstantial, but NFL investigator Tedd Wells determined that it was reasonable to conclude that footballer Tom Brady was “generally aware” of the plan to deflate balls before the AFC title game.

Text messages were exchanged, as well as, phone calls made between Brady and the equipment assistant John Jastremski. Brady texted him several times after the scandal broke and invited him to “talk”.

We can recall some months ago, Brady and Patriots head coach, Bill Belichick giving a press conference to discuss the scandal. We all knew that that they were lying through their teeth. But we also knew that this was not the first time this non-dynamic duo had been accused of unsavory practices – doing any and everything for a win. Brady could not help but look and sound uncomfortable. Remember the infamous line: “I like my balls a certain way.” And this torturous conference went on longer than anyone would have liked.

The question that remains though is, why are we not holding these celebrities/athletes to a stricter code of conduct? The world is watching and listening to them, yet there is little culpability on their parts when they have vehemently lied. Someone else is always to blame!

The suction cup tale that was casually implied to us by Kylie Jenner, set off a social phenomenon. Many naïve and unsuspecting teens caused great harm to their lips following this unhealthy trend.

And what about Tom Brady and his team of schemers? Their actions gained them an AFC Championship win. But if “his balls” we’re not deflated, could that win have gone to the Indianapolis Colts whom they competed against, playing out a very different Super Bowl history compared to the one we witnessed?

Given that celebrities “reach” more people, should they be held to a higher standard of social responsibility? And who do you think should be awarded the Best Liar? For me, it’s pretty close, but maybe Brady has a slight edge to “win it all”………again.



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