Throwback Thursdays: The Teaching of Karreuche Tran

Has aspiring actress and model Karreuche Tran learn the biggest lesson of her life? Perhaps!

It has been two months now, since she sat down for an exclusive interview with life coach, Iyanla Vanzant. The highly anticipated interview pulled in great viewership performance for the Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN) and ranked #1 in the time period among African-American women.

The sit down came days after news broke of her boyfriend, Chris Brown fathering a child with another woman. Karreuche has been under intense media scrutiny since entering into a relationship with the controversial musician.

Viewers got to see a glimpse into her private life and mercurial romance, thanks in part to Iyanla who never shies away from asking the tough questions.


Here is what we learned: Karreuche, the victim

• Karreuche started dating Chris Brown after his relationship with Rihanna ended. (FYI: Chris Brown physically assaulted and battered singer/ex-girlfriend Rihanna some years ago)

• Karreuche feels misunderstood and enlisted Iyanla to help “clear up” any misconceptions people have of her.

• She finds out through social media that her boyfriend has a child from another woman.

• Chris has cheated on her several times, most notably with his ex-girlfriend Rihanna. She admits to have known about his indiscretions, but continued to date him.

• Karreuche felt that she would be able to change him and unlike other woman, she was not there to use him.

• Her father was not very present in her life.

The “aha” moments: Karreuche takes ownership

• She and Iyanla both agree that she is “famous by association” and that the attention she receives, has been mostly negative.

•She realizes that airing her dirty laundry on social media gives millions of people the right to pass judgment and take sides.

• Karreuche finally admits to Chris not treating her well in their relationship and that she was not really taught by her mother or father how a man is to treat her.

• She says that there is a part of her that would take him back because she still loves him.

• Karreuche wants to bring awareness and teach other young women to set better standards of commitment and respect in relationships.

What was amiss: Unanswered questions

• Did Chris Brown ever hit you?
I was surprised that this question was NOT asked. It would not be an unfair question, considering his volatile relationship with Rihanna. But I am pretty sure Karreuche’s agent had much to do with this missed opportunity to be as transparent as possible.

•Karreuche’s “friends”
Iyanla had a small chat with Karreuche’s best friend, singer Christina Milian. Iyanla did not hesitate to ask her if she (Christina) ever told Karreuche that she needs to get away from Chris, since he is not really good for her. Christina gave some stupid answer about Karreuche being super private, never really answering the question. No offense to Christina, but that “best friendship” looks like it is more for show and selfie pics for Instagram.

Iyanla’s words of wisdom:

“You are what you attract.”
“Your story is not the problem, you are.”
“Without a test, you do not have a testimony.”

How it ends: Karreuche’s prayer

“I want God to keep me strong, put my best foot forward, and love.”

Update: Has Karreuche learned a lesson?
So far so good! Even though Chris Brown has remained in contact with her, she says she has no intention of being in a relationship with him again. Let us pray that she can stick to her guns. Whether or not she wants to, she is a role model for a lot of young women who are dealing with similar issues. I have high hopes for Miss Tran!

How long do you see Karreuche’s epiphany lasting? Thoughts???



2 thoughts on “Throwback Thursdays: The Teaching of Karreuche Tran

  1. As women, we very often love so hard… in a world that usually label women as unloyal, I’m often surprised by the criticism we receive for making mistakes out of commitment and loyalty. You ever think about that or is it just me?


    1. You raise a great point! At the same time, I do believe that women deserve so much better than what we get from men in general. I think that women should be loved wholeheartedly, but not be abused, mistreated, or disrespected in the process. Thank you for sharing your thoughts!!!

      Liked by 1 person

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