Sports = Politics As Usual

The structure of sports mirrors the structure of politics. Let’s face it, the world of sports is riddled in controversy and ill repute! Bad conduct has always been a presence among athletes, but never before have we seen such behavior from sport officials.

There are a lot of hands exchanging money, illegal favors, and backdoor deals. This week, several officials from FIFA, the world’s soccer federation, were brought up on charges of corruption and illegal activities. The most significant charge dealt with the organization’s bidding processes.

Sports is international. In the absence of music, it is probably the only other entity that can unite people, regardless of, race, religion, gender, etc. Yet, the true nature of soccer and other sports have been marred by the existence of deep-rooted corruption.

It is true that some athletes come with a lot of baggage that is distracting and takes away from the game, but the manner in which officials handle these issues are second-rate. We witness the personal lives of athletes bleed onto their respective arenas, all the while, their commissioners and coaches work to cover them up.

What must change in order for us to win back the love and passion of our sports, without dealing with the greedy men who feed off of any and everyone to gain more money and assets? They are not just affecting the players and the fans, but also tainting the pure love and adoration we all have for sports.

If sports officials are going to use the political playbook, it is important that they read the entire thing. The ugly truth is that money made from this structure prevents them from changing it, but what they can change, are moves they make in their “dealings”.

They should take a hard look at the issues that have risen in real politics, examine what has worked/not worked and take it from there. For example, the very important lesson we learned in 1970’s politics (kudos, to Watergate) was that: it’s never the crime, it’s always the coverup!

This is something that the sports world has failed to grasp. And I never understand why, seeing that when things are covered up, it results in catastrophe. More time is spent trying to clear the smoke than put out the fire. We deserve better.
More game, less politics!

Has politics in sports ruined the game for you? Thoughts?



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