Why it’s necessary to crackdown on Manspreading

(Reader Discretion Advised)

Most of us who use public transportation to commute in New York City are constantly subjected to Manspreading. Manspreading: the act of men who sit with their legs wide open occupying more than the one seat.

New York City is overpopulated – you can never turn a corner without seeing a crowd. The tourists, pollution, noises, and smells can be annoying, so I understand peoples’ need for wanting “space”. However, “space” cannot be achieved here. That is the town we live in. There are thousands of other cities in the country where you can have an entire county to yourself, but you just won’t get what you get in New York thus, why you never leave the stinky, smelly, crowded, rat trap!

It was revealed this week that city officials have been cracking down on manspreaders – handing out summons and making arrests. I agree that there are a lot of other things we could be using our resources on, like a war on drugs or guns. But I believe that this quelling of unpleasant thigh spreading is important. Here’s why:

1) The crackdown on Manspreading will make people more aware of how discourteous and impolite they are being to others. The great people of New York City work hard and long, so when we enter a train car or bus, we are so excited to see an empty seat. But not a seat that has someone’s leg on it. And because we New Yorkers, don’t like to step on each other’s toes, we suffer in silence, refusing to ask the manspreader to move.


2) If airlines charge people an extra fare for occupying two seats, why can’t the city follow suit? You are preventing someone who paid the same fare from enjoying the same perks.

3) Sorry, Fellas! Women should not have to “indulge the bulge”. If one does not have their nose planted in a book or a phone, their wandering eyes really have no other option than to look at the person sitting in front of them. So it becomes quite uncomfortable for one to see a man with his legs spread open sitting directly under one of those Viagra pill advertisements. Yikes!

Manspreading has always been one of my biggest pet peeves. Even when I sit on an empty train (which is rare), I sit with my legs closed. This crackdown may teach us to be kinder and more compassionate to one another. Remember: just like you, everyone is having a rough day! It’s important to be courteous! That just might make for a happier New York.

What do you think about Manspreading?

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6 thoughts on “Why it’s necessary to crackdown on Manspreading

  1. I have to disagree with you. If men are getting penalized for the natural way we sit, then women need to be penalized for the big bags they travel with that occupy extra seats and if they are standing have the potential to hit people in the face an injured someone lol

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    1. That is true, James! I think ultimately this crackdown will serve for everyone. Women should not be occupying several seats with bags and other stuff. I think this is just the beginning – there will be punishments for anyone (women and children too, lol) who don’t comply with the rules. Thank you for reading my post!


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