The Duggars are hurting Christianity

As a believer and follower of Jesus Christ, I sometimes find myself cringing at the statements and actions made by other Christians. Many so-called Christians have said or done distasteful things in the name of God – from a pastor who galvanized his congregation to participate in the burning of Qur’ans (Islamic Bible) to televangelists that actively spread messages of hate towards people of different races, ethnicities, and sexual orientation. 

Although, the Duggars are not alone in misrepresenting Christianity, I hold them to higher standard because they reach a much larger audience. The family came into prominence with their reality show, 19 Kids & Counting. The show centers around their life as Independent Baptists, abstaining from abstinence (thus, the 19 children), male hierarchy, home schooling, yada, yada, yada.

Two weeks ago, news broke about their oldest son Josh Duggar allegedly molesting five children – four of which were his own sisters – when he was a teenager. Mr. & Mrs. Duggar excused his behavior by claiming that he was a kid himself when he did it and that God will forgive him. Granted that parents are supposed to protect their children, at the same time, they seemingly blame others for the media attack on their son. What further incensed people about their comments, was their lack of compassion towards their daughters – the real victims in this firestorm.

This family has been largely controversial, as they have made homophobic statements in the past, and have even aligned themselves with politicians who have also exhibited behaviors of prejudice.

Let’s be clear, the Holy Bible does have laws pertaining to homosexuality, pre-marital sex, you name it. But as Christians we are taught not to judge others, for that remains God’s task alone.

At times, I find the Duggars to teeter between aloofness and manipulation. It’s like the Word of God according to the Duggars. To them, it’s acceptable to forgive their deeds, but not the deeds of others. I can assure you that, that in no way, is Christianity. What applies for one person, has to apply for another!

The Christian Church is constantly fighting against the negative stereotypes that just seem to continue being perpetuated by the Duggar family and the like.

There are a lot of things that people do that I don’t particularly agree with, but who am I to tell someone that God won’t forgive them because of who they are or who they choose to be. I could not possibly know that because I cannot speak for God. All I have control over, are my own actions.

Christianity is a “religion”, but more importantly, it is the following of Christ. The biggest lesson the Christian is taught is to be more “like Jesus”, that is, showing compassion and giving love. Anything else, cannot really be called Christianity!

Do you think the Duggars have played a positive or negative role in the Christian Faith?



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