America, the (not-so) beautiful

An open letter to the people making America the ugliest place on earth

Read only, if applicable

Dear Racist Person:

It is not your fault!!!

The hatred that flows through your veins, the atrocities you commit against people and their lands, is not your fault!

Just kidding! It is.

When you look at an African American, you think, ‘rapist’, ‘killer’, ‘thief’, ‘thug’. Could that be because you feel guilty? Guilty that your history with us, comprises of those very same crimes? Did you know that your ancestors raped my ancestors, taking away their pride, dignity, and identity? And did you know that when your ancestors got through with raping my ancestors, they killed them and threw them away like trash………did you know that?

When you look at us, are you shocked that even after the beatings, rapes, and killings we have endured by your hands, we still stand? Are you surprised that we still have the will to wake up every morning? That we still have faith? That we still survive because we still have hope for a better tomorrow……..could that be it?

I always wondered how someone could hate people they do not know, with so much fervor and passion. I really wanted this question answered, so I got to thinking!

Is it possible that the racist hates his own skin, as to why he spends hours and hours soaking up the sun? Is it possible that the racist knows he lacks originality, as to why he steals rap, pop, jazz, country, rhythm, and blues music, and calls it his own? Is it possible that the racist hates his own land, as to why he “scrambles for Africa” and cannot leave?

So many possibilities, so little time to review them all!!! But was I on to something here?

Alas! I figured it out! It was so simple. I don’t know why I did not think of it before.

Do you want to know the answer? Well, do ya? Ok, here it is!



One of the black friends you tell people you have when accused of racism – XOXO


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