Live Tweet Your Period: Bloody Genius or Bloody Mess?

Menstruation sucks!!!

Flat out, it is terrible, painful, annoying, and even expensive!!! We do not like to talk about it! But when we are able to muster up some courage and discuss this “thing” that we dislike so much, we use code names and phrases to describe IT.

Some of the more popular phrases are, “Time of the Month”, “Leak Week”, “Shark Week” and my favorite, “Red Wedding” (courtesy of Game of Thrones). Watch Season 3! You will understand.

“Live Tweet Your Period” has given many women the opportunity to lay their grievances on the alter of Twitter, giving the play by play of the emotional and physical toll Mother Nature takes on them……….in real time.


L.T.Y.P. is trendy and wildly hilarious – you can only imagine the tweets. The funniest, happens to be the ones filled with sheer melodrama and histrionics. Pretty much, the tweeters that sound like they are on the brink of death will give you the biggest laugh.


But is this just way too much information? Menstruation is a natural occurrence that helps prepare the uterus for childbearing. It is nothing to be ashamed of, yet most women have been taught to hide it. In many cultures, a women who is menstruating is seen as unclean.


If menstruation occurs for most women, why do we hide it? Logically speaking, there should be no stigma or shame associated with something that one half of the world’s population experiences! It is not a virus or illness that one contracts. Women do not choose to have periods. Trust me. WE DO NOT CHOOSE TO HAVE PERIODS!!!


Menstruation differs greatly from one woman to the next, but Live Tweet Your Period can serve as a platform for women to find common ground as they share their experiences with one another. As we continue to advance in technology, we advance socially as well. In this day and age, where nothing is private anymore, the advantage is that we can have open dialogue about issues that affect us the most. This is not to mention, the small education you would receive in the process.

Will “Live Tweet Your Period” begin a real conversation about menstruation?


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