The Black Movement for White Acceptance

Have you ever fallen off of a chair or tripped and your first reaction was to laugh? Well, you are not alone – most of us have. That nervous laughter comes from a place of embarrassment and shame. You figure that it is probably better you laugh at yourself before anyone else does.

Even though you laugh to save face, it still does not take away the pain you feel from the hard hit you took on the way down.

So why do you laugh?

Why not let others know that you are in pain?
Could it be that you do not want to be seen as weak?
But, the pain is getting worse.
You have a choice in asking for help or keeping quiet.
What do you choose?

If you say nothing, you may never get the help that you need!

Now, imagine the pain that you feel has nothing to do with a tumble, but rather, with prejudice, racism, and discrimination.

The Black Movement for White Acceptance has manifested itself in our communities and is continuing the divide amongst our people. The progress of Black America is put on hold every time one of our own decides to humiliate and unfairly criticize us.

How can we ever be taken seriously if we do not hold our attackers responsible for the crimes and atrocities they perpetuate against us? The issues will still be there. The pain that we live with each and every day will still be there.

Black people have suffered tremendously under the most racist and discriminatory institution the world has seen. From the inception of slavery to Jim Crow era to the present, blacks, as a whole, have been unable to live progressive and successful lives.

Throughout our dark history, we have dealt with racists, who diminished our dignity, pride, and humanity. But no one posed a bigger threat to our existence than the black “sellout”…….the house slave…….the Uncle Tom.


The Uncle Tom of yesteryear looked a lot like an ignorant black man, who ‘yessa, massa-ed’ his way through life – turning on his family and friends to complete the agenda of the white master he feared. The Uncle Tom put on his best white face so that he could seem trustworthy to the very people that kept him subservient and aimlessly submissive.

Today’s Uncle Tom looks much different!!! He/She could be an actor, a politician, or a musician, rich, “educated”, and well-connected. They are in positions where they can reach many people. But instead of delivering messages of encouragement and inspiration, they blame and criticize blacks for being in their current situations.

Actress Raven-Symone who always seems to be under fire these days because of her anti-black comments, has become the face of the white acceptance movement, whether or not she knows it!

Actress Raven-Symone
Actress Raven-Symone

A few months ago, a Univision TV presenter was fired from his job when he said that First Lady Michelle Obama “look[ed] like she [was] part of the cast of the Planet of the Apes.”

So I think we can all agree that he is a moron – an ignorant moron.

But the biggest shocker came when Raven (now a co-host on The View) objected to his firing because “he was just giving his opinion” and that “some people do look like animals.”
(That statement was like her falling off of a chair.)

She goes on to say that she “would not mind it, if someone called her Toucan Sam because she looks like a bird.”
(That statement was like her laughing after she fell.)


Then several weeks ago, she said that she felt slavery abolitionist, Harriet Tubman was not “close [enough] to the progression that we are doing now” to be featured on the $10 bill. She thought that “we need[ed] to move a bit forward” in our thinking.


Raven is just one of the names on a list of powerful African Americans working to gain white acceptance. Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas has championed AGAINST black rights and issues, making every attempt to remove himself from “the cause”. He used the demographics of the NBA to make evident that racial disparity can sometimes be a “good thing” for African Americans.

Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas
Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas

Many of these modern day Uncle Toms are usually successful, but make no effort to return to their communities to help those that helped them get to the place where they are now. They reach the top and never look back, severing the relationships and bonds they had with the African American community. They become so out-of-touch with the daily struggle and fight, that their statements of formality only work to hurt, conquer, and divide Black America.

Why should blacks make themselves uncomfortable to please others?
Nothing can get accomplished that way!

Two weeks ago, Bree Newsome, an African-American woman climbed the flagpole outside of the South Carolina statehouse and removed the Confederate flag.

Her message was that “the hate must end”.

Like Ms. Newsome, it is important that blacks fight for equality and justice. How many of us are willing to address our struggles to effect some kind of change?

It is always easy to turn a blind eye to the injustices inflicted on us by others, but it shows a level of courageousness and strength to do the very opposite. There is nothing to gain by remaining silent or deflecting blame. We can move forward from our painful past to a brighter future, but the only way to accomplish that is: together.

Is the black movement for white acceptance putting a stop to the accountability for those that hurt us or compelling blacks to be more responsible for their future? Thoughts?

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