Cheating made easy

More than ever before, married folks are hitting up dating websites, looking for more than just friendship. Amiright?!?!?

Dating websites were once frequented by young singles looking to settle down with someone they could not find in their own search for love and companionship. Let’s just say, that is no longer the case.


This has definitely become an issue and has resulted in the demise of many marriages. But what can be done about this? Nothing will really stop a cheater from cheating, but these dating sites have served as an easy platform to facilitate bad-spouse behavior.

While every married man or woman is responsible for his or her own actions, what measures can these websites take to limit the totality of married users?


If a dating website like EHarmony puts into effect, rules that prohibit married people from signing up, there should also be something done to ensure that it really does not happen.

It is very easy nowadays to do background checks on random people. I should know; I do it all the time!

Shouldn’t these dating sites come up with better ways to sift through these married individuals who are willing to break vows?

There has been a recent spike in married folks using social media to cheat. In a shocking revelation several months ago, one in three Tinder users were married – looking to have affairs and/or seek one night stands. I guess the late-night trolling routine at a swanky hotel lounge to pick up your affair seems out-dated.


Even though it is up to the married individual to commit to his/her vows, there should be some responsibility that rests on the dating websites to conduct proper screening.

If one is legally married, there is usually a license on file. Dating sites can use their resources to quickly uncover if someone is married.

I do not expect that Tinder and the like, will quell any would-be affairs, but they should make a stronger effort to refuse married individuals from gaining access to their sites.

The message must be: If you want to cheat, that is your business, but it isn’t ours!

Do you think that dating websites should do background checks to ensure that married folks don’t use their sites to start affairs?


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4 thoughts on “Cheating made easy

  1. You know what…that’s an interesting question. As much as I am against infidelity, I don’t feel as if its their responsibility to regulate it unless their message is about connecting SINGLES with each other. Tinder, for example is an app created for connecting with new people around you. Its clearly being used primarily for dating but its original purpose extended beyond that. And single people aren’t the only ones looking to meet new people, you know?

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    1. So true!!! When the data about married people “carrying on” on Tinder was released, Tinder reacted somewhat strangely. They took to Twitter and their rants bordered defensiveness and guilt – as if they knew before we did, what was already happening.
      Thank you for reading my post!

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