Finding the Perfect Guy

The Perfect Guy has always been a topic of debate for hopeless romantics searching for Mr. Right. And on the other side, there are the cynics, who do not believe he exists. I am somewhere down the middle.

Personally, I do not believe that the perfect guy exists, as it defies all logic.

If human beings are fallible, then perfection is just not possible.

Perfection denotes flawlessness and superiority. And regardless of how many times your doting mother convinced you of this, it just isn’t true (sorry, guys)!!!

While I am certain that the “perfect” guy does not exist, I do believe that the perfect–guy–for–you, does.

Who is the Perfect Man?
Who is the Perfect Man?

We can give thanks to Hollywood for creating in our psyche, an unrealistic and unattainable prototype of the human male.

He is tall, dark, and handsome, and even without the white horse and shining armor, comes pretty close to being a modern–day knight.

The truth is that, it really all is fairytale.

Guys are just not built that way and I can say with certainty that they probably never were.

Sure, it was not long ago, where customs and traditions dictated that men held the door for women or gave up their seat on a bus or train for them, but things have changed……..a lot.

So many women get caught up in the optics of who and what a perfect guy should look like, based on a Pride & Prejudice–esque ethos.
But even Mr. Darcy had his fair share of problems!

Is dating a guy who is tall, dark, and handsome the recipe for a successful relationship? Or are there some missing ingredients? He may fit particular characteristics, but is he a great guy?


He may be a looker, but will he treat you with the respect that you deserve? He may be tall, but is he trustworthy? Does his personality work in tandem with yours?

I think that it is so important to get past the veneer and really examine the qualities and character of the so-called “man of your dreams”.

All too often, we hear of the horror stories of women who ended up in horrible situations with their Mr. Right because they failed to take the time to examine what, if anything, truly made the guy perfect.

This weekend the movie “The Perfect Guy” opens in theaters, starring actor Sanaa Lathan, playing the woman we all know – the thirty-something professional who is romantically bored, and after years of establishing a career, is ready to settle down with Mr. Right.

The Perfect Guy opens in theaters this weekend, starring Sanaa Lathan (middle), Morris Chestnut (left), and the "perfect" guy, Michael Ealy
The Perfect Guy opens in theaters this weekend, starring Sanaa Lathan (middle), Morris Chestnut (left), and the “perfect” guy, Michael Ealy

But what she does not take into consideration is that Mr. Right could be all wrong for her.
He is pretty psychotic. As Hollywood would have it, she is rescued from the handsome nightmare by her equally handsome ex-boyfriend, whose side she probably should have stuck by, but was too blinded in her quest for perfection in another man to see his great qualities.

Miss Lathan’s character serves as a representation for other single women eager to find Sir Camelot. I think that focus needs to be directed in looking for great qualities and a personality rather than, good looks and characteristics that are momentaneous.

This sounds more like the perfect guy to me!
This sounds more like the perfect guy to me!

Perhaps more single woman would find success in relationships, if instead of looking for the unrealized Mr. Right, they took notice in the Mr. Right-for-them……….who may not be the prototypical tall, dark, and handsome.


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